Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Tell us what you think!!!

I know there are some Rmllw2llz fans out there who peep the updates, the statutes and the new releases that are made by Mr 2llz himself on a regular basis on various social media outlets.  I wanna know what you think about the new stuff.
Have you listened to him on the Tia Maria Show, we're in week 3 of co- hosting now. Any comments about anything they've talked about? Me, I liked the #TrippinInTheVille segment and am anxious to hear who's tripping next week. Do you know someone #TrippinInTheVille tweet then let them know @rmllmzk @thetiamariashow @ebonystyle If you missed Mondays show you can always go to the Tia Maria Show Facebook page and see what you missed!
Did you hear the Premiere of the newest single Hold The Ice on Mondays show? Have you seen the video? What do you think? Are you straight like hold the ice?
So now that you've listened to the radio show and watched the video, did you get your download? Its only a buck and available on the new and improved site. Notice the updates? Kinda snazzy hu? 

Let us know what you think about the radio show, video and new look to the site. You can tweet me @mrs2lls or go straight to the star himself @rmllw2llz. We really want to know what you think about it all, I want to know what you think about the blog, what do you want to see more of? Shout us out!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Keep building baby!!

First and foremost, forgive me. A wife has been plenty busy here lately. But in my defense, I have written a few blogs, but I get writers block and never finish it. So to finish what I've started, let's play catch up shall we.
The first draft of mine was actually live from Nashville. What's in Nashville you say? A bomb ass recording studio. Like top flight, first class, big shit, (yes I said
One of our guys from Lexington who is now from Nashville hooked it up. The weekend kicked off with a coat drive/benefit concert that 2llz and Girls 2 Goddesses put together. They had the o-so-love-leigh Ms. Tia Coatly host the event. When I'm telling you, we got a lot of coats, I'm telling you we were blessed.
So after the show, 2llz, myself and the homie Wip hit the road. I was sleep the whole ride Lol. We got there, got rested and went to waffle house. That waffle House experience alone was comical. The waiter was something else, it was about to go down over some mixed berry jam, some mutilated waffles.. Oh man. Still makes me chuckle to this day. So from there of course it was studio time. Like I mentioned before the place was plush. Like it was everything and anything you can imagine when thinking of big time music studios. When 2llz walked in, it was like a kid in a candy store. I watched a love manifest itself that day. It was like the look of "this is why I do this" was all over his face. He is officially more spoiled than usual. And he deserves to be, he works hard both off and on the mic.
Another example as to how hard my baby works would be the new title he has acquired. He is officially a co-host on The Tia Maria show on you can hear the show every Monday from 10-11est. Here soon, you will also be able to hear them on 97.1 here in Louisville. Aint that awesome? You can't tell me that Rmllw2llz ain't out her doing the damn thing! Make sure you congratulate him either on his fb page, or twitter but either way show him some love.

Saturday, May 3, 2014


Big thangs are happenin in the world of 2llz.. We now have a fully functioning store that you can purchase both music and shirts from.. need a full view of the shirts.. one moment...

Where can you get yours? oh just at make sure yours ASAP!!

Now if you following RmllW2llz then you know about the newest single Light Up and have seen the video for it as well. But if you haven't you can scroll down to see the video in its entirety. This is the first video that 2llz has ever done and I think it came out great. I wasn't really sure what to expect with this video since we had thrown around so many concepts about it. The final product came out better than I expected. Shout out to Kynecktid Media for the awesome video, a job well done my man. Mrs. Nicole Simone as always you did work. Makkaka and Severus yall look beautimus. (yes i said beautimus)..

Watch the video, share it with a friend, check out the site..  go leave a comment on the facebook page Rmllwllz let us know what you think!

Monday, April 14, 2014


Yes you read that correctly.. 1 Night 4 Shows.. do you know what that means? #1TiredWife.
I really give Mr. 2llz his props, hes one working and hustlin mo fo. Most people I know are good for two shows, and yes we have done that as well, but this last Friday was one for the books.

My issue with Friday was my feet. I call myself trying to be cute and ready for good news at work and also ready for the night since we were going to be in motion all night.. Me being ready also included wearing wedges.. why I thought that I would make 8 hours at work with an additional 5 hours minimum on my feet in wedges was a good idea is beyond me. smh Needless to say I was cute and made it through one show with the wedges. lol

Show One: Brick Alley Frankfort.

Frankfort has become one of my favorite venues to play at. Its a short ride down the highway and we always get mad love when we're there. We were a lil tardy for the party, and had some minor technical difficulties, but it was still a good show. I like to sit back and people watch while Mr. 2llz does his thang on the mic. People will shake their heads and whisper when they see some cat they don't know getting on stage and drilling at them 5 times before the first song. When the beat drops and they listen to the lyrics, the find themselves gravitating towards the stage. lol I love it.  I wish we could have stayed longer at the Brick Alley, we missed some good acts that night. But it was on to the next one..

Show Two: Cahoots-Louisville

Since we were a stressed for time,  we dropped 2llz off at the venue while I went and got my car so my brother in law could keep it moving. By the time I got to Cahoots, we had already missed our scheduled performance time, so we hung around a bit thinking we could get in where we fit in.. Well as you know, the show must move on, and they did. Which is fine, that's the name of the game. There were no hard feelings, but definitely some empty stomachs, so we dipped out and got us some food before rolling on.

Show Three: Mag Bar

The main event. Mr. 2llz has been trying to get into this venue for a while now and he has finally done it.  Ive never been into this venue before. Thank goodness I saw Nacirema at the door so he could show me where to bring some of the equipment. (Yes I am also part of the crew as well, just add it to my title list) Oh and in case you were wondering, I did an outfit change before heading to Cahoots, there was no way the wedges were going to clock anymore than 10 hours in a day..
but back to mag bar...... So when we get there, I see Touch AC  who tells me that they just got off the stage. which of course is the other reason why I am still out running the streets acting like I don't need my sleep, and wont be up in a few hours with my son. Touch AC and Nacirema are Skull Avalanche, one of my favorite groups in Louisville and it always seems they have shows the same night 2llz does. Needless to say, 2llz rocked the show like always, and because that was the main event, I can officially say we had #1Night3Shows. 

Oh the life of a Wife of a Musician. Needless to say, this wife needs just a little more sleep. lol

Thursday, March 13, 2014

#AboutThatLife Tour

Did you come to the show? Did you speak when you paid your cover? I was there, and I was the one to take your monies. If you came out, we appreciate it. Your support was and always will be appreciated. 

So me being the Mrs2LLz, I didn't get to enjoy much of the show like I usually do. I got the privilege of being the enforcer at the door.  "There is a $5 cover for tonight's hip-hop show." Thankfully, I wasn't left up there alone, I had a impromptu back up that night, my cousin was there to give me potty breaks.

We had to change the line up that night due to  Gramz not being able to make it. So Father Jah was added to the line up that night, making it two of Louisville's finest and two of  "trillwaukees" finest, not to mention DJ Divine Struggle.
First up on the mic was Cavi Barksdale . He was pretty nice. From what I could see at the door, the crowd was bopping to him. Next up we had Father Jah. From my understanding, Father Jah has been on the Louisville scene for a while, which would explain why the crowd seemed to be a little more hype when he was performing. That was my first experience seeing  him, and I didn't get to see too much which was kind of disappointing, but that's the joys of having to work the event. lol Next to the stage was Mr RmllW2LLZ himself. And as always, you know he showed up and showed out. To close out the night, we had BLAX. Now BLAX had the most energy that night at the show. Don't get me wrong, everyone brought some energy to the stage, but he was on tables, benches, took his shirt off, and all over the floor. He made his presence known.

Over all the night went well, there was a good crowd and an awesome show. You already know if you weren't there, you missed out. Make sure to check out RMLLMZK for upcoming shows. I know there is something pending for the end of the month, and multiple shows for April. So don't miss out on another show!! 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Watching it live and direct

So I don't know if 2llz understands the greatness and the growth of rmllmzk here lately. I've been on this music path with him for a few years now. I've been here when he was part of a group, under different names, chopping and screwing his own freestyle, all that.. Lol it's been a journey to say the least, and now it's becoming more and more of a reality. He's having more shows, traveling more, just in constant motion. Like for instance, Friday we went to the 502 Crew- SoulPuff open Mic. That was fun. This was the first full one I've been  to, and I had a ball. Right now, he's at The Hard Rock Cafe open Mic  doing  a few songs.
In April he's booked for two weekends between here and Frankfort. Alabama in May,  the Juneteenth celebration in Wisconsin, the Louisiana Texas fest in July, not to mention the local shows. Like how dope is that. He's getting to do what he loves and travel while doing it. I just feel like he's getting what he deserves. He's been working so hard and has grown so much since I've known him, he really and truly deserves all of the success in the world. If your reading this, THANK YOU! Your support means more than you know, you continue to help make RMLLW2LLZ  a success. I thank you as the wife of a musician, for helping make my husband's love for music prosperous. Check out the site for specifics on dates and times, and share it with world.


Monday, February 3, 2014

The 5 month hiatus is over..

Yes i know, i have been M.I.A. for a while. Have no fear, I am still The Wife of a Musician. I've been on a  5 month hiatus, however Mr. RMLLW2LLZ has not. The last post I made, we went to Lexington to do some recording there. That was a fun day trip. From there its seemed like it was non stop for a minute. (Which is a good thing!)

September started off the two month long stretch of a weekly gig at a local haunted house. The haunted house had a dance company that would perform thriller for the people waiting in line, this year they got an added bonus of RMLLW2LLZ. I think this was a great 'sneak peak' into what it would be like when the month long tours start for 2llz. Only when hes touring, he wont be working his 9-5 like he did during this time. It was an experience to say the least.

What seemed to be fun in the beginning, definitely turned out to be an introduction to the true meaning of "The Show Must Go On." We were out there every weekend, the weather didn't even matter. There were a few times that it seemed we were in a non stop storm, risking our lives trying to stay dry under the umbrella. During those storms, all i saw was the cartoons when they would get electrocuted and you would see their skeletons. lol The "stage" area would be flooded, there were zombies trying to save speakers and get them under the tent. It was something interesting. More like tiring. It was a great experience though. Something that me, the wife of a musician, would not want to do every weekend for two months straight again.

November was a pretty smooth month. We went and spent the day in the Franfort/Lexington area one weekend. A day of recording with Chad from Subversive Sound Syndicate, then a release party that night. The Remedial Procedures release party was live that night. You can find music by Knowledge here. That was a great introduction to Lexington, I'm sure we'll be touching down again soon. December was mainly about family and enjoying that holiday time. Now that the holidays are over and we are a full month into the new year, we are back to grinding and forward progress. 

January usually is a time for making changes to ourselves or our surroundings. Part of our surroundings included RMLLMZK.COM. If you haven't been to the new site, you really need to check it out. The old one was nice, but this one is better. By far. Big ups to JK Designs for always keeping RMLLMZK.COM looking top notch. Make sure you sign up on the site, this allows you to get the new music, free downloads, and see where the next show is. Speaking of next show.. we got one coming up March 8th.. 

Well this is all i have for right now, I promise to be better this year with telling my story. From what I've seen on the calendar thus far, I will have a lot more to share.. As always we appreciate you support at RMLLMZK, please visit the site, leave a message. Help support underground artist.