Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Dont sleep on em

Dont get it twisted, just because I havent been writing, that doesnt mean that 2LLZ aint been out working hard. Just as a little glimpse of what he's been doing since November:
He has helped run a coat drive with the lovely ladies at Girls 2 Goddesses

He has had me and my wonderful friend at a show where there was absolutely NO HEAT what so ever, freezing our behinds off. 
Rolling up and down the highway recording with none other that Royce The Poet on the boards in a top of the line studio
All while co-hosting on The Tia Maria Show  on
Didn't I say he was busy? Shoot I haven't even made it to the release party..  Oh you aint know? Yeah he released another album. Concerto No. 9 Movement 1 is available now for purchase at RMLLMZK now. 

So back to the working hard aspect... do yall get the point yet? Rest is for the weary, and sleep is the cousin of death. Staying in constant motion is what he does and hes been doing a damn good job of it too.  
On top of doing regular shows, hes been in the Pegasus parade we had here for derby with the ArtxFM crew, he and Girls 2 Goddesses have hosted a food drive, he has helped with the carwash for the Juneteenth Festival here in Louisville, not to mention performing at Juneteenth in Wisconsin this past weekend (Im editing those pictures now, new post will be made regarding that)

Did you know that 2llz and DJ Divine Struggle now have their own radio show on ArtxFm? Yeah boii! *Pops voice* Yeah they are I and Eye Radio. Currently, the facebook page is under construction, but you can definitely follow them on twitter. I will keep you updated on when the facebook page will be up and running. When are they on you ask? Every Tuesday night from 10p to midnight. How can I listen to the show? Great question. You can do one of two things, either log on to or download the app. Either way, you are in for a treat. One hour of funk, the second hour hip-hop, like real hip-hop. If youre my facebook friend, then be warned, I just might post on your page that night a friendly reminder. ;)  

Yall keep your ears to the streets and your eyes wide open, you never know where you will see 2LLZ next and what he will be doing. Like what you see? Have something to say? Let us know! You can tweet me @mrs2lls or tweet the man himself  @rmllw2llz