Thursday, February 18, 2016

You are now listening to WXOX

This past Valentines Day was a bit unorthodox for this wife but in a good way. Sunday, I was at the ArtxFm studios celebrating their launch onto the FM dial here in Louisville. How did I get to participate in such an event? Well, not only am I the Wife of a Musician, but I am also the Wife of a Radio personality. 2llz and Dj DS are the hosts of  I and Eye Radio, Tuesday nights on ArtxFm- WXOX Louisville 97.1
I can remember when 2llz told me he was invited to be a guest on The Tia Maria Show one day. Ever since that one interview, the rest was history!

It was really nice to see the amount of support that WXOX recieved that day. When we got there, the room was standing room only and it was difficult to walk, talk or hear in there. As time went on and people started clearing out, the mingling became a little bit easier. I got to meet Ms. Sharon who is the general manager of the station along with some of the other personalities. Unfortunately, I do not remember any names or the shows they have on the station as there was plenty of spirits and love being shared  that day and I was partaking. lol 

Ms Sharon and I

Kara from Parallel Universe
Tuesdays Nights at Midnight

So what kind of programming does WXOX have you ask? Well it ranges from punk to classical, hip hop to country. You can check out the schedule here. The best thing about this station is that is 100% local and a great platform for any artist to use. I and Eye Radio has an Undiscovered hour that they play all local and undiscovered artist. The goal is to get that hour to increase, so if you do hip hop -not trap hop, submit your fully edited song to for review. If you're not in the Louisville area, or wont be in your car during the show, make sure you download the app from your play store or you can get it from here. Either way, make sure you are enjoying this new station here in Louisville, youll learn something new, I guarantee it.

Tune in at any time and let us know what you think via twitter!
Me: @mrs2lls
2llz: Rmllw2llz