Saturday, August 24, 2013

Always in motion

Its saturday morning and while the world is sleeping in, im up cooking breakfast for 2llz, kenwood and myself before we ride out for the day. Were headed Lexington for the day so Rmll can do some recording with some cats we met at the show in Frankfort a few months ago. I love the fact that the music is opening doors to new areas and cities. We've never been to Lexington before so this will be a first for the both of us. Traveling grace while were on the road. To be continued..

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The perks

I remember when Rmll first got up and runnining, he was constantly checking his stats. How many
Page views were there today? How did they find the site? Etc. Now I kinda find myself doing the same thing since my last post. After my Two in one year post, I had double the views to my blog. I thought that was dope. I know when I shared my post on facebook,  Rmll reposted it and between the two there were two likes total, so I wasn't expecting much as far as views goes.  I guess more people are tuning in to my point of view since they're digging the artist. So to whom ever is reading my blog, I appreciate you for stopping by,  feel free to leave a comment or even share this. Don't forget to drop by the site: Sign up for the email list, download some music or get some merchandise.  Your support on the blog, and the music is appreciated more than you know. 


Monday, August 19, 2013

Two in one year

Sometimes words cant describe the emotion you experience. For me, proud doesnt even describe how i feel about Mr. Rmllw2llz. Jealous of my tape is the second Ep release that he has done this year. Ive been with this man for 8 years, and ever since ive known him he has been doing music. Its amazing to see the progress and development that he has done since being with him. When i first met Rmll, him and his friend were freestyling in front of my younger cousins choppin and screwin themselves.  (If you dont know what chop and screw is, google it) Now were traveling to different cities going to shows, hosting events, and throwing release parties. Hell he even has merchandise. 

The Jealous of my Tape release party was something I will never forget. The venue was great, especially since it was changed last minute, the line up was bad ass, and the crowd was awesome.  
Going to the shows for me is more than just being the performers hot wife. I am also here to assist in any way i can, therefore i get the merchandise table. This is something that I take pride in because I help keep the Rmllmzk brand lookin good.

Skull Avalanche opened up the mic for the night and they KILLED IT. Skull Avalanche consists of Touch AC and Nacirema. Both are dope as hell and put on a hell of a show. Their energy Is crazy on the stage
After Skull Avalanche, the  Smoke Shop Kids went on next. They are a full band that can do some bad ass funk hop type music. Ive seen them twice and they killed every time. From the guitars, to the drums, to the trombone,  they are live as hell. My cousin saw them for the first time, and she was blown away.
After the Smoke Shop Kids, went 345.. talk about gettin hype on the stage. Wow..
345 got the crowd mad hype, and put some good energy out for the man of the hour.
So instead of jumping right into Jealous of my Tape, Rmllw2llz did a couple of tracks off of Olde Coffee. One of my favorites include Fux with Me featuring  Ron Weaves. I be banging the hell out of that song.
From there, it was time to give the people what they wanted. Jealous of my Tape. I must say, this album goes so hard its rediculous. Like omg!! Dr. Dundiff killed this album, from the production, to the mastering, to Dj'ing his ass off during the show. The man is pure talent. 
There is a song called how she dances about some chick with two left shoes. Idk who she is but i sure got my behind on stage and danced. I totally wasnt expecting that. But i sure loved it. ♥
Thank you to everyone that came and supported the Rmllmzk movement. Your love and support are appreciated more than you know. If you dont have Jealous of my Tape, go to Dont forget merchandise is available on as well. Enjoy
Photo credits to yelverton21 and wizedom via instagram