Wednesday, December 19, 2012

this is also part of the game

im so glad that romell is in a city where there are different things going on, and he has the opportunity to play at various events. Like tonight for instance he is doing an open mic night at Diamonds Pub put on by louisville arts live and tomorrow he is going to host the final edition of Shots of hip hop. How awesome is that? opportunities are just coming to him. The only bad part about all of the new shows, is im missing it. This is also part of the game when you are also a mommy. So tonight i keep reading twitter account  to see how the show is going. I love going to his shows, but nights like this i get to enjoy an evening with my lowercase ll's. So it is what it is, have a good show tonight babe and yall be easy. 


Sunday, December 16, 2012


GROWN FOLKS LOVE MAKIN RAINBOW MUSIC in case you couldn't figure it out.

Speaking of RNBW MZK, if you weren't at the CD release party, you truly missed out on a good show!!! All of the artist that performed that night showed their ass!!! oh man.Since being around CPHR DVN, i have done more things in the music industry and it seems like its all been in the last two weeks. The CD release party was so much fun. 2lls did a great job in both hosting the event and performing. He was the first artist up  to rock the mic and he killed it. He also brought an old friend to do a song with him, Rockale Lavone. Ive heard her sing before and she has one of thee strongest and soulful voices Ive ever heard. She only did one song with 2lls that night but she will be doing a show here later on this month at shots of hip hop. Shes done other songs with 2lls and its been a while since they've recorded anything new, but it was still good to hear her sing. I wish y'all could have been there to see everyone perform that night. Cphr Dvn killed it as did Touch Ac and Cloudman, and you cant forget the DJ.DJ Yared is one of the nicest djs I've ever heard. hes like whoa foreal. If anyone is in the louisville area or planning on coming here, please please please plan so you can come to a show, i promise it will be worth it.  Oh and by the way, you can purchase your copy of RNBW MZK on iTunes, search CPHR DVN

Monday, December 10, 2012

finished product

Remember when i said that 2lls and I were in a video shoot? Well here is the finished product. Check out the  video for  Beautifuliar by Cphr Dvn off of the new album RNBW MZK I have had the privilege to hear some of the tracks off the RNBW MZK album, and man let me tell you, it is the truth!! If you can appreciate good conscious music that has a meaning behind it other than ass, money and drugs, then you need to stop sleeping on CPHR DVN. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think of the video.  Make sure you check out their facebook  page, like it, leave a comment or whatever. But please SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL TALENT AS THEY ARE THE FUTURE OF THE GAME!!!!


Sunday, December 9, 2012

Just a little bit more exposure

 We have a place here in Louisville called The Center for Women and Families that does alot for women and children that are in abusive situations and helps provide shelter so they can get out of that situation. When one of the acts cancelled the day of the benefit concert, Romellwit2LLs was asked to fill in. So of course he said yes, I mean why not? Its more exposure and this is for a good cause. We actually have a friend that has been in a domestic violence situation, and even though she doesnt stay in Louisville  this is still something that supports the cause that she is working for as well. Needless to say Romellwit2lls rocked the crowd that night!

Night of the video shoot

Sltr Dvn of Cphr Dvn

 The video shoot with cphr dvn was a blast. It was kind of weird at first just because no one really knew what to do or expect, but as the night progressed it just became more fun.  I think 2lls and i are going to have a nice little cameo in the video. We actually had a camera focused on us for an entire take. Its funny, because I'm always bothering 2lls to be his backup singer, hype man or video girl. Well i finally had my opportunity to be in a video with him. That was so much fun, omg.

Wize Mathematiks of Cphr Dvn and Romellwit2lls
 As I'm sitting here typing this, I'm listening to 2lls build and connect right now. We just left the video shoot to come to an open mic night. The guy playing the guitar is pretty nice right now.. next up on the mic is 2lls.. Every time i watch 2lls, no matter how many times ive heard the songs or watched him perform, its always like the first time. I love to watch the crowds reaction to him when they realize that he really speaks true shit in his lyrics, and not just the mess that is on the radio now. As we were getting ready to leave open mic night, this guy got on the mic with his guitar and just BLEW me away. I wasnt expecting to hear what i heard from him. Dudes name is Zach Longoria. He put me in the mind frame of Robin Thick on a guitar. Like i was just totally blown away. I hope we will be able to book him for a show later on down the road. 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

This is my first time.

The current time is 752am and today is going to be a busy day. Currently I'm sitting in the parking lot waiting for cvs to open wondering if i have the right outfit on for tonight. Tonight will be my first time going to and being a part of a music video. Mr. and Mrs. 2LLs have been asked to be apart of CPHR DVN music video for a song coming off of their new album Rnbw Mzk. Tonight the video will be made at Louisville Arts Live event. I'm excited to both be apart of the video and to be going to this event. I also received word that Romell has also been asked to come do a few songs at a friends open mic night as well. So here's to being the wife of a musician. Let the fun begin.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

iAm the wife of a musician

Welcome to the first of many posts from the wife of a musician. I am the wife to an up and coming hip hop artist in Louisville. Just to give a little bit of background on who this new artist is, his name is Romell wit 2LLs. He has been creating a buzz here in the ville. Hes been playing more shows, being asked to host events, and will be getting play time on an internet radio station that is based out of louisville. Making the right connections and surrounding himself with like minded people that have the same message/goal in mind is finally starting to pay off. These past few months, he has been rocking the crowds at places like Solidarity and Shots of Hip Hop. Now hes hosting Shots of Hip Hop and the cd release party for Cphr Dvn's Rnbw Mzk album. Things are starting to pay off. Now im sure by now, your curious as to what kind of music Romell wit 2LLs does, well you can always go to his soundcloud and listen to his music and get the free downloads while they last. Once youre done banging his tracks on soundcloud make sure you like his facebook  page and follow him on twitter.