Sunday, December 16, 2012


GROWN FOLKS LOVE MAKIN RAINBOW MUSIC in case you couldn't figure it out.

Speaking of RNBW MZK, if you weren't at the CD release party, you truly missed out on a good show!!! All of the artist that performed that night showed their ass!!! oh man.Since being around CPHR DVN, i have done more things in the music industry and it seems like its all been in the last two weeks. The CD release party was so much fun. 2lls did a great job in both hosting the event and performing. He was the first artist up  to rock the mic and he killed it. He also brought an old friend to do a song with him, Rockale Lavone. Ive heard her sing before and she has one of thee strongest and soulful voices Ive ever heard. She only did one song with 2lls that night but she will be doing a show here later on this month at shots of hip hop. Shes done other songs with 2lls and its been a while since they've recorded anything new, but it was still good to hear her sing. I wish y'all could have been there to see everyone perform that night. Cphr Dvn killed it as did Touch Ac and Cloudman, and you cant forget the DJ.DJ Yared is one of the nicest djs I've ever heard. hes like whoa foreal. If anyone is in the louisville area or planning on coming here, please please please plan so you can come to a show, i promise it will be worth it.  Oh and by the way, you can purchase your copy of RNBW MZK on iTunes, search CPHR DVN

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