Tuesday, December 4, 2012

iAm the wife of a musician

Welcome to the first of many posts from the wife of a musician. I am the wife to an up and coming hip hop artist in Louisville. Just to give a little bit of background on who this new artist is, his name is Romell wit 2LLs. He has been creating a buzz here in the ville. Hes been playing more shows, being asked to host events, and will be getting play time on an internet radio station that is based out of louisville. Making the right connections and surrounding himself with like minded people that have the same message/goal in mind is finally starting to pay off. These past few months, he has been rocking the crowds at places like Solidarity and Shots of Hip Hop. Now hes hosting Shots of Hip Hop and the cd release party for Cphr Dvn's Rnbw Mzk album. Things are starting to pay off. Now im sure by now, your curious as to what kind of music Romell wit 2LLs does, well you can always go to his soundcloud and listen to his music and get the free downloads while they last. Once youre done banging his tracks on soundcloud make sure you like his facebook  page and follow him on twitter.

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