Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Moving forward means progress

So my last post was made while we were on our way to Lexington so 2LLz could do some colab work with some home grown artist we met in Frankfort.  That turned out to be a very productive day. I did what I do best, chilled out in this awesome ass bed chair all day and watched movies while work was bein put in. I was kinda disappointed because a friend of mine had to work all day so I was solo. But I made the best of it.  I think they got  a total of 3 or 4 songs done that day. Which is good for you because you're not only getting new music from Rmllw2llz,  but you're also bring exposed to some of the talent that Lexington has to offer.  Pictured below is Royce the Poet  Crutch and Rmllw2llz
Now i don't know if you follow Rmllw2llz or not on facebook or twitter, but it was posted the he was the feature artist on with jealous of my tape.  check out the site, if you haven't downloaded it yet, you are missin out. Jealous of my Tape download
Prior to jealous of my tape coming out, Rmll and were talking, and he was saying that he thinks this mixtape is going to do something big for him. Well, guess what? The energy you put out is what is going to come back to you, its called the law of attraction.  With that good energy being out out there, Rmll is now booked for half of Sept and all of Oct to perform at baxter ave morgue. If you're not familiar with Baxter ave morgue,  its one of the better haunted houses that Louisville has to offer. Every year they have dancers that break out in to the full length thriller video, and this year  Rmllw2llz has been asked to perform in between dances. How dope is that? He made some good impressions on some folks at the jealous of my tape release,  and now things are workin In his favor. this just goes to show, If you're moving forward, you're making progress. Big ups Rmllw2llz,  keep moving forward son, we got your back! Stay tuned, sign up for the email list if you haven't already, check out the site