Saturday, May 3, 2014


Big thangs are happenin in the world of 2llz.. We now have a fully functioning store that you can purchase both music and shirts from.. need a full view of the shirts.. one moment...

Where can you get yours? oh just at make sure yours ASAP!!

Now if you following RmllW2llz then you know about the newest single Light Up and have seen the video for it as well. But if you haven't you can scroll down to see the video in its entirety. This is the first video that 2llz has ever done and I think it came out great. I wasn't really sure what to expect with this video since we had thrown around so many concepts about it. The final product came out better than I expected. Shout out to Kynecktid Media for the awesome video, a job well done my man. Mrs. Nicole Simone as always you did work. Makkaka and Severus yall look beautimus. (yes i said beautimus)..

Watch the video, share it with a friend, check out the site..  go leave a comment on the facebook page Rmllwllz let us know what you think!