Monday, February 3, 2014

The 5 month hiatus is over..

Yes i know, i have been M.I.A. for a while. Have no fear, I am still The Wife of a Musician. I've been on a  5 month hiatus, however Mr. RMLLW2LLZ has not. The last post I made, we went to Lexington to do some recording there. That was a fun day trip. From there its seemed like it was non stop for a minute. (Which is a good thing!)

September started off the two month long stretch of a weekly gig at a local haunted house. The haunted house had a dance company that would perform thriller for the people waiting in line, this year they got an added bonus of RMLLW2LLZ. I think this was a great 'sneak peak' into what it would be like when the month long tours start for 2llz. Only when hes touring, he wont be working his 9-5 like he did during this time. It was an experience to say the least.

What seemed to be fun in the beginning, definitely turned out to be an introduction to the true meaning of "The Show Must Go On." We were out there every weekend, the weather didn't even matter. There were a few times that it seemed we were in a non stop storm, risking our lives trying to stay dry under the umbrella. During those storms, all i saw was the cartoons when they would get electrocuted and you would see their skeletons. lol The "stage" area would be flooded, there were zombies trying to save speakers and get them under the tent. It was something interesting. More like tiring. It was a great experience though. Something that me, the wife of a musician, would not want to do every weekend for two months straight again.

November was a pretty smooth month. We went and spent the day in the Franfort/Lexington area one weekend. A day of recording with Chad from Subversive Sound Syndicate, then a release party that night. The Remedial Procedures release party was live that night. You can find music by Knowledge here. That was a great introduction to Lexington, I'm sure we'll be touching down again soon. December was mainly about family and enjoying that holiday time. Now that the holidays are over and we are a full month into the new year, we are back to grinding and forward progress. 

January usually is a time for making changes to ourselves or our surroundings. Part of our surroundings included RMLLMZK.COM. If you haven't been to the new site, you really need to check it out. The old one was nice, but this one is better. By far. Big ups to JK Designs for always keeping RMLLMZK.COM looking top notch. Make sure you sign up on the site, this allows you to get the new music, free downloads, and see where the next show is. Speaking of next show.. we got one coming up March 8th.. 

Well this is all i have for right now, I promise to be better this year with telling my story. From what I've seen on the calendar thus far, I will have a lot more to share.. As always we appreciate you support at RMLLMZK, please visit the site, leave a message. Help support underground artist.