Friday, August 11, 2017

New Music Friday

Ok so yall know I dont do crap music. Im spoiled, I grew up in an era of good music and since being with 2llz Ive been introduced to so much more. This new generation of artist confuzzle me and hurt my ears, so I dont even attempt to try and listen to any of it. Just this morning I was checking the new releases because its Friday and there is usually some good music dropped on Friday. Unfortunately there hasn't been anything worthwhile since Jay-Z dropped 4:44. Which by the way was a dope response to Beyonces Lemonade. But like I was saying,  I was checking for new music this morning and it was a new album from someone called Moneybagg Yo. Um... where did this name come from? Did no one in your camp say waymin? I guess. That wasnt the point of this post, but I had to put my concern out there.

Today I decided to  listen to someone that Ive never heard of and see what their new release was about. Todays first artist was Salva and the new album Clips
Image result for salva clips

To my pleasure this actually turned out to be an instrumental album. It always makes me happy to find one of these because sometimes you just need sound without words. When I heard the person speak on the first track talking about needing more ice, my first thought was here we go.. Im in trap land, but as the album went on and I heard no lyrics, I was happy. lol The beginning of Stranger Things Have Happened sounds like the theme of the Xfiles, which I guess makes sense based off the title (that I didnt read until now.) Overall it was a decent album 7/10, something Ill add to a roadtrip playlist.

Image result for fashawn manna
The second album I listened to was Manna by Fashawn. Apparently he was part of XXL freshman class in 2010. I havent paid attention to the freshman class list in quite sometime since it endorses crap music (imo) so when I saw he was on a list, I was a bit hesitant to listen to this. Favorite song hands down on the first listen through was Proud. The intro alone to it gave me life, children being quizzed on great melanated people of our past.  The self titled song reminds me of the aggression, emotion and power 2llz displays  in Medal Stand on that Summers In Spain album. Shout out to new music Friday, today has been a jackpot of unexpected good music. Manna gets a 8/10 from Mrs2llz.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Im that crazy wife

I'm that crazy wife that may  be a bit extra at times. One of my biggest pet peeves is to have someone say 2llz name incorrectly. Nothing grinds my gears more than hearing someone say Romell with 2 double lls. WHAT?!? Or as of recent, Romell with 2 zs. Uh no. This man who has been going by the name Rmllw2llz for a couple of years now. If your not sure how to say the name, then you should ask someone. Just like I tell our boys, ask if you're  not sure. Yeah I get that Rmllw2llz is something that will make you scratch your head, hell there have been people who have done reviews on albums even mention that they didn't know what that spelled and had to lay it out for the readers.  To me, and this is just my opinion, because I am that crazy wife. To me its a level of disrespect to mispronounce an artist name, especially if you have been introduced or have a paper with their name on it in front of you. Recently when 2llz opened up for Raekwon (yes Raekwon The Chef) the dj of the night said his name wrong a couple of times. I screamed the correction out once, and then ended up stomping my behind across the venue to ask security to let me at him. lol Fortunately for him, our wonderful DJ Divine Struggle met me at the door and took my concerns to him in a more calm manner. I wasn't trying to cause a scene, but bruh what you wont do is mispronounce the name like that, multiple times. I am that crazy wife that will correct you, and it may or may not come out nicely, just depends on if I've been given drink tickets. So to anyone reading this, Rmllw2llz is pronounced Romell With 2 LLs, lets make sure we get it right the first time so you dont have to meet Josie2lls mmkay?

Monday, February 20, 2017

Making a come back

It is I, the long lost wife of the one and only Rmllw2llz. I'm slowly making a come back on the scene now that sweet baby Rza has made her arrival. My last post was around the time we found out we were adding to our tribe of #Team2llz and now she is here. And yes, you read that right, her name is Rza, just like Bobby Digital from the Wu. How did she get her name? How else, 2llz. Even though the second child was supposed to be named by her mother, somehow he managed to pull this one off. We wanted her to have a name that meant something, something that would give her strength, and something that wasn't overly saturated. It started off as a joke to name her Rza because 2llz had a boss that loves any and all things Wu-Tang, hell one of his kids is a member of the Wu. Because we wanted her to have a name with meaning and I am obviously not a devout follower of the clan, I had to look up the meaning of our daughters name. 

I'm sure follower of the Wu know that's what it stands for but where does this come from and what the hell does it mean?  Because Rza is a very insightful man and grew up being taught under the Nations of God and Earth aka the Five Percent Nation, you would have to look up the meaning of the letters in the Supreme Alphabet
Ruler: To rule is the nature of the Black man, for the reason being that to rule means to be a ruler. The Black man was not made to be ruled because the Black man’s knowledge must build in order to make all things known. Rule is to rule something wisely the way the king does because he gives it to the understanding. Rules are given to those who are living a righteous way of life and those rules are given by the king who is Allah god is the only ruler there is, by acknowledging his building powers and making it born to all the planets of the universe, so that they can go according to it and bear witness to who the true ruler is.
Zig-Zag-Zig describes the path “from Knowledge, to Wisdom, to Understanding” and is a reminder that this path is not straightforward, but cuts back and forth, and can pull the seeker’s life with it. Zig-Zag-Zig is symbolic of change and personal growth. However, as the final letter of the alphabet, it also connotes finality-someone who has matured greatly between beginning their study of the 120 and mastering it may be said to have “zigged, zagged, and zigged back” to Understanding of the Lessons.

Ruler - Zig Zag Zig - 

Allah: The Arabic word which, in English, translates to “God.”
Allah is described by 5 Percenter teachings as the “Asiatic Black man”-“Asia” is the body, “attic” is the mind, and “man” is the higher intelligence. Allah (A.L.L.A.H.) is also a acronym for “Arm, leg, leg, arm, head”-or a rough description of the components of the human body.

And so it was, Rza is now not only a member of the Wu-Tang Clan, but she is also a member of #Team2llz as well. Now that she is here, you will see more of both 2llz and the wife of since we are making a come back. 
Peace and blessings.