Tuesday, April 26, 2016

This is totally  non 2llz related, but I just wanted to speak on this Lemonade album. We have all been handed lemons at some point in our lives, whether its in a relationship, career, family etc. We have all had some lemons staring at us.  I commend Beyonce for sharing her lemonade with us. Its hard being so transparent with millions of people like that. A friend of mine said that she felt like was gassing women up to be like f a cheating man just to stay with one. I personally dont think that was what she was doing. I think it was more of a showing all the shit you go through when dealing with that situation in a relationship that is supposed to be unbreakable.. Let me be the first to tell you, people can change. And no one is perfect, so just to stay with a cheating man/woman sometimes happens and works out for the best. The things that we live through is what makes us who we are. I pray for growth and happiness for the Carters, because they are just like the Weavers, the Smiths, the Jones and all other unions out here- ever growing, working to make it last, and learning along the way. Things happen and we all make mistakes, whether its infidelity, addictions, or whatever we are human and we will always face some type of challenge. Ive also seen posts about how Bey is going to have all the women hating their men after this. If you really watched the visual album or listened to the album, you will see that there is redemption and hope. Shes expressing all of the stages we go through in relationships, the emotions that add the flavor to the lemonade that we have to make. Intuition, denial, anger, apathy, accountability, reformation, forgiveness, emptiness, redemption/hope. Although Im not viewing this album through eyes similar to Bey, I definitely can relate to some of the album and emotions that she is going through.

"I break chains all by myself, I wont let my freedom rot in hell." - This is me now, not in the relationship sense, but Im breaking out of the chains of shit that Ive always believed in because I was supposed to and not question. Nah, that shit is being questioned and as I do so, Im seeing truth and becoming free. That shit wont be in vain, TRUST.

"True love brings salvation back into me" -It took some situations in life to make me realize this is where Im supposed to be and the love i have is true in both relationship and self love.

"My torturer became my remedy"-We often put ourselves through mental anguish and tend to torture ourselves with the shoulda, woulda, couldas but then as we grow we start loving self more, and taking care of self more. I know I've had issues that I may have been a bit excessive about, stressing myself for no reason only to then end up finding a resolution and taking care of whatever it was. I was my own torturer and became my own remedy.

Ive enjoyed the album, and if the situations do apply to her, I ask the ancestors to continue to help her heal in way that she can grow and continue to love him.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

March Dabness

Last night was a night of epic proportions. The Speed Art Museum was having their 30 hour opening celebration and part of that celebration included an elimination rap battle called March Dabness. It was set up like the march madness UofL is currently sitting out of this year.
I know Ive said it before, but the places 2LLz music takes us is unbelievable sometimes and it really makes you grateful for the opportunities that you are given. Like really, i never pictured a hip hop show at a museum opening, yet there we were. 
So anyway, the Grand room was the spot to be to watch artist go song for song and depend on the crowd for their next round, and let me tell you, the crowd was thick for a quite some time. 
All the artist got up there and did what they came to do, perform for another crowd of people needing good music in their life. Although I didn't
get pictures of everyone, I assure you everyone up there gave it their all and rocked the crowd.
Tay All Day - T.Mac -Semi

Mr. Goodbar rollin solo

Splash Brothers aka Rmllw2llz and Dom B

So the final two for the championship came down to the Splash brother vs Mr Goodbar, and it
was funny because all of the better halves of the artist were in the back rootin on their boos and anxiously waiting to scream the loudest to help their man win. I know I love to see my man perform and do what he is best at so im sure the other ladies feel the same. We gotta support our menfolks at all times. Salute to all the wifes, fiances and girl friends of all the artists, its not an easy job but we got this on lock!
You know, as a wife of a musician, we get to see a lot of the frustration, aggravation and issues that the artist go through before, during and after shows. Things like technical difficulties, terrible sound quality, mispronounced names, missing music etc.The one thing Ive learned from doing what i do best (watching) is the ability to be flexible and to always remember that this is a business. I think that had some of the artist come with a variety of show music with them and were able to switch up their sets, they may have done better. You have to scope out your crowd and feel the vibe, pay attention to what is moving them and adjust accordingly.  Music is the universal language, so if you are paying attention to what the crowd is saying, you should be able to speak to them in a way that they will remember what you are saying. By doing that you are building that relationship that will have them come seek you out after your set or looking you up on social media to see where they can find more of your music aka building your brand and your business. I know that most if not all the artist out here, are on this scene because they love to create and express themselves musically, which is great, but making money off of doing what you love is even better. This is why it is always a good idea to be aware of your surroundings, your actions and your words. Bad mouthing another artist, venue, or camp can impact you in ways you may regret. Hell say the wrong thing around the wrong person and that may have potentially cost you a show at another venue because not everything needs to be said at that exact moment, same for your actions. Even when the moment gets rough, the crowd isnt paying 100% attention to you, or there is a super delay, you cant let that frustration be seen, felt or known. You gotta keep the vibes high and enjoy the moment. Whats the saying? Carpe diem?

But seriously though congrats and blessings to all the artist that showed up and showed out last night, this was something that the Louisville scene needed and it was great. Congrats to the Splash Brothers on the Win last night, according to some, it was an upset against triple OG Mr. Goodbar, but all the fellas held their own last night and it really could've went any way.

Meanwhile, enjoy some of the pics I was able to get while being "backstage" at March Dabness.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

You are now listening to WXOX

This past Valentines Day was a bit unorthodox for this wife but in a good way. Sunday, I was at the ArtxFm studios celebrating their launch onto the FM dial here in Louisville. How did I get to participate in such an event? Well, not only am I the Wife of a Musician, but I am also the Wife of a Radio personality. 2llz and Dj DS are the hosts of  I and Eye Radio, Tuesday nights on ArtxFm- WXOX Louisville 97.1
I can remember when 2llz told me he was invited to be a guest on The Tia Maria Show one day. Ever since that one interview, the rest was history!

It was really nice to see the amount of support that WXOX recieved that day. When we got there, the room was standing room only and it was difficult to walk, talk or hear in there. As time went on and people started clearing out, the mingling became a little bit easier. I got to meet Ms. Sharon who is the general manager of the station along with some of the other personalities. Unfortunately, I do not remember any names or the shows they have on the station as there was plenty of spirits and love being shared  that day and I was partaking. lol 

Ms Sharon and I

Kara from Parallel Universe
Tuesdays Nights at Midnight

So what kind of programming does WXOX have you ask? Well it ranges from punk to classical, hip hop to country. You can check out the schedule here. The best thing about this station is that is 100% local and a great platform for any artist to use. I and Eye Radio has an Undiscovered hour that they play all local and undiscovered artist. The goal is to get that hour to increase, so if you do hip hop -not trap hop, submit your fully edited song to Iandeyeradio@gmail.com for review. If you're not in the Louisville area, or wont be in your car during the show, make sure you download the app from your play store or you can get it from here. Either way, make sure you are enjoying this new station here in Louisville, youll learn something new, I guarantee it.

Tune in at any time and let us know what you think via twitter!
Me: @mrs2lls
2llz: Rmllw2llz