Tuesday, April 26, 2016

This is totally  non 2llz related, but I just wanted to speak on this Lemonade album. We have all been handed lemons at some point in our lives, whether its in a relationship, career, family etc. We have all had some lemons staring at us.  I commend Beyonce for sharing her lemonade with us. Its hard being so transparent with millions of people like that. A friend of mine said that she felt like was gassing women up to be like f a cheating man just to stay with one. I personally dont think that was what she was doing. I think it was more of a showing all the shit you go through when dealing with that situation in a relationship that is supposed to be unbreakable.. Let me be the first to tell you, people can change. And no one is perfect, so just to stay with a cheating man/woman sometimes happens and works out for the best. The things that we live through is what makes us who we are. I pray for growth and happiness for the Carters, because they are just like the Weavers, the Smiths, the Jones and all other unions out here- ever growing, working to make it last, and learning along the way. Things happen and we all make mistakes, whether its infidelity, addictions, or whatever we are human and we will always face some type of challenge. Ive also seen posts about how Bey is going to have all the women hating their men after this. If you really watched the visual album or listened to the album, you will see that there is redemption and hope. Shes expressing all of the stages we go through in relationships, the emotions that add the flavor to the lemonade that we have to make. Intuition, denial, anger, apathy, accountability, reformation, forgiveness, emptiness, redemption/hope. Although Im not viewing this album through eyes similar to Bey, I definitely can relate to some of the album and emotions that she is going through.

"I break chains all by myself, I wont let my freedom rot in hell." - This is me now, not in the relationship sense, but Im breaking out of the chains of shit that Ive always believed in because I was supposed to and not question. Nah, that shit is being questioned and as I do so, Im seeing truth and becoming free. That shit wont be in vain, TRUST.

"True love brings salvation back into me" -It took some situations in life to make me realize this is where Im supposed to be and the love i have is true in both relationship and self love.

"My torturer became my remedy"-We often put ourselves through mental anguish and tend to torture ourselves with the shoulda, woulda, couldas but then as we grow we start loving self more, and taking care of self more. I know I've had issues that I may have been a bit excessive about, stressing myself for no reason only to then end up finding a resolution and taking care of whatever it was. I was my own torturer and became my own remedy.

Ive enjoyed the album, and if the situations do apply to her, I ask the ancestors to continue to help her heal in way that she can grow and continue to love him.

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