Sunday, December 9, 2012

Night of the video shoot

Sltr Dvn of Cphr Dvn

 The video shoot with cphr dvn was a blast. It was kind of weird at first just because no one really knew what to do or expect, but as the night progressed it just became more fun.  I think 2lls and i are going to have a nice little cameo in the video. We actually had a camera focused on us for an entire take. Its funny, because I'm always bothering 2lls to be his backup singer, hype man or video girl. Well i finally had my opportunity to be in a video with him. That was so much fun, omg.

Wize Mathematiks of Cphr Dvn and Romellwit2lls
 As I'm sitting here typing this, I'm listening to 2lls build and connect right now. We just left the video shoot to come to an open mic night. The guy playing the guitar is pretty nice right now.. next up on the mic is 2lls.. Every time i watch 2lls, no matter how many times ive heard the songs or watched him perform, its always like the first time. I love to watch the crowds reaction to him when they realize that he really speaks true shit in his lyrics, and not just the mess that is on the radio now. As we were getting ready to leave open mic night, this guy got on the mic with his guitar and just BLEW me away. I wasnt expecting to hear what i heard from him. Dudes name is Zach Longoria. He put me in the mind frame of Robin Thick on a guitar. Like i was just totally blown away. I hope we will be able to book him for a show later on down the road. 

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