Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The perks

I remember when Rmll first got up and runnining, he was constantly checking his stats. How many
Page views were there today? How did they find the site? Etc. Now I kinda find myself doing the same thing since my last post. After my Two in one year post, I had double the views to my blog. I thought that was dope. I know when I shared my post on facebook,  Rmll reposted it and between the two there were two likes total, so I wasn't expecting much as far as views goes.  I guess more people are tuning in to my point of view since they're digging the artist. So to whom ever is reading my blog, I appreciate you for stopping by,  feel free to leave a comment or even share this. Don't forget to drop by the site: Sign up for the email list, download some music or get some merchandise.  Your support on the blog, and the music is appreciated more than you know. 


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