Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Keep building baby!!

First and foremost, forgive me. A wife has been plenty busy here lately. But in my defense, I have written a few blogs, but I get writers block and never finish it. So to finish what I've started, let's play catch up shall we.
The first draft of mine was actually live from Nashville. What's in Nashville you say? A bomb ass recording studio. Like top flight, first class, big shit, bomb.com (yes I said bomb.com)
One of our guys from Lexington who is now from Nashville hooked it up. The weekend kicked off with a coat drive/benefit concert that 2llz and Girls 2 Goddesses put together. They had the o-so-love-leigh Ms. Tia Coatly host the event. When I'm telling you, we got a lot of coats, I'm telling you we were blessed.
So after the show, 2llz, myself and the homie Wip hit the road. I was sleep the whole ride Lol. We got there, got rested and went to waffle house. That waffle House experience alone was comical. The waiter was something else, it was about to go down over some mixed berry jam, some mutilated waffles.. Oh man. Still makes me chuckle to this day. So from there of course it was studio time. Like I mentioned before the place was plush. Like it was everything and anything you can imagine when thinking of big time music studios. When 2llz walked in, it was like a kid in a candy store. I watched a love manifest itself that day. It was like the look of "this is why I do this" was all over his face. He is officially more spoiled than usual. And he deserves to be, he works hard both off and on the mic.
Another example as to how hard my baby works would be the new title he has acquired. He is officially a co-host on The Tia Maria show on artxfm.com you can hear the show every Monday from 10-11est. Here soon, you will also be able to hear them on 97.1 here in Louisville. Aint that awesome? You can't tell me that Rmllw2llz ain't out her doing the damn thing! Make sure you congratulate him either on his fb page, or twitter but either way show him some love.

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