Thursday, March 13, 2014

#AboutThatLife Tour

Did you come to the show? Did you speak when you paid your cover? I was there, and I was the one to take your monies. If you came out, we appreciate it. Your support was and always will be appreciated. 

So me being the Mrs2LLz, I didn't get to enjoy much of the show like I usually do. I got the privilege of being the enforcer at the door.  "There is a $5 cover for tonight's hip-hop show." Thankfully, I wasn't left up there alone, I had a impromptu back up that night, my cousin was there to give me potty breaks.

We had to change the line up that night due to  Gramz not being able to make it. So Father Jah was added to the line up that night, making it two of Louisville's finest and two of  "trillwaukees" finest, not to mention DJ Divine Struggle.
First up on the mic was Cavi Barksdale . He was pretty nice. From what I could see at the door, the crowd was bopping to him. Next up we had Father Jah. From my understanding, Father Jah has been on the Louisville scene for a while, which would explain why the crowd seemed to be a little more hype when he was performing. That was my first experience seeing  him, and I didn't get to see too much which was kind of disappointing, but that's the joys of having to work the event. lol Next to the stage was Mr RmllW2LLZ himself. And as always, you know he showed up and showed out. To close out the night, we had BLAX. Now BLAX had the most energy that night at the show. Don't get me wrong, everyone brought some energy to the stage, but he was on tables, benches, took his shirt off, and all over the floor. He made his presence known.

Over all the night went well, there was a good crowd and an awesome show. You already know if you weren't there, you missed out. Make sure to check out RMLLMZK for upcoming shows. I know there is something pending for the end of the month, and multiple shows for April. So don't miss out on another show!! 

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