Monday, April 14, 2014


Yes you read that correctly.. 1 Night 4 Shows.. do you know what that means? #1TiredWife.
I really give Mr. 2llz his props, hes one working and hustlin mo fo. Most people I know are good for two shows, and yes we have done that as well, but this last Friday was one for the books.

My issue with Friday was my feet. I call myself trying to be cute and ready for good news at work and also ready for the night since we were going to be in motion all night.. Me being ready also included wearing wedges.. why I thought that I would make 8 hours at work with an additional 5 hours minimum on my feet in wedges was a good idea is beyond me. smh Needless to say I was cute and made it through one show with the wedges. lol

Show One: Brick Alley Frankfort.

Frankfort has become one of my favorite venues to play at. Its a short ride down the highway and we always get mad love when we're there. We were a lil tardy for the party, and had some minor technical difficulties, but it was still a good show. I like to sit back and people watch while Mr. 2llz does his thang on the mic. People will shake their heads and whisper when they see some cat they don't know getting on stage and drilling at them 5 times before the first song. When the beat drops and they listen to the lyrics, the find themselves gravitating towards the stage. lol I love it.  I wish we could have stayed longer at the Brick Alley, we missed some good acts that night. But it was on to the next one..

Show Two: Cahoots-Louisville

Since we were a stressed for time,  we dropped 2llz off at the venue while I went and got my car so my brother in law could keep it moving. By the time I got to Cahoots, we had already missed our scheduled performance time, so we hung around a bit thinking we could get in where we fit in.. Well as you know, the show must move on, and they did. Which is fine, that's the name of the game. There were no hard feelings, but definitely some empty stomachs, so we dipped out and got us some food before rolling on.

Show Three: Mag Bar

The main event. Mr. 2llz has been trying to get into this venue for a while now and he has finally done it.  Ive never been into this venue before. Thank goodness I saw Nacirema at the door so he could show me where to bring some of the equipment. (Yes I am also part of the crew as well, just add it to my title list) Oh and in case you were wondering, I did an outfit change before heading to Cahoots, there was no way the wedges were going to clock anymore than 10 hours in a day..
but back to mag bar...... So when we get there, I see Touch AC  who tells me that they just got off the stage. which of course is the other reason why I am still out running the streets acting like I don't need my sleep, and wont be up in a few hours with my son. Touch AC and Nacirema are Skull Avalanche, one of my favorite groups in Louisville and it always seems they have shows the same night 2llz does. Needless to say, 2llz rocked the show like always, and because that was the main event, I can officially say we had #1Night3Shows. 

Oh the life of a Wife of a Musician. Needless to say, this wife needs just a little more sleep. lol

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