Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Watching it live and direct

So I don't know if 2llz understands the greatness and the growth of rmllmzk here lately. I've been on this music path with him for a few years now. I've been here when he was part of a group, under different names, chopping and screwing his own freestyle, all that.. Lol it's been a journey to say the least, and now it's becoming more and more of a reality. He's having more shows, traveling more, just in constant motion. Like for instance, Friday we went to the 502 Crew- SoulPuff open Mic. That was fun. This was the first full one I've been  to, and I had a ball. Right now, he's at The Hard Rock Cafe open Mic  doing  a few songs.
In April he's booked for two weekends between here and Frankfort. Alabama in May,  the Juneteenth celebration in Wisconsin, the Louisiana Texas fest in July, not to mention the local shows. Like how dope is that. He's getting to do what he loves and travel while doing it. I just feel like he's getting what he deserves. He's been working so hard and has grown so much since I've known him, he really and truly deserves all of the success in the world. If your reading this, THANK YOU! Your support means more than you know, you continue to help make RMLLW2LLZ  a success. I thank you as the wife of a musician, for helping make my husband's love for music prosperous. Check out the site for specifics on dates and times, and share it with world.


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