Thursday, January 31, 2013

the days before

This was to be posted monday jan 28, but its been busy around here..

Let me first start by saying this.. I now know how my mother feels
every year around the anniversary party. By anniversary party i mean
the annual party that my fathers motorcycle club has back home. Two
weeks leading up to the actual party are some of the most strenous
times with my father. He begins to worry, check and double and triple
check things, sometimes there is a little bit of attitude and
arguements in there sometimes as well. Let me tell you that a mixtape
release party is something similar to the anniversary party. Although
Mr. 2lls has been working away from home alot, the stress to meet the
deadline and have everything done has been an interesting journey. I
am happy to say that the mixtape has been finished in every sense of
the word despite set backs. The website is up and running and looking
good if i do say so myself. And the party is finally going to happen
this wednesday. I cant wait to see what the reaction of the crowd will
be to this release, from what ive heard so far, just off of the feed
back from shows that hes done, everyone is really digging his music.
Hopefully that will be reflected once the mixtape goes up on the
website and everyone starts downloading it.. where can one get this go
get this mixtape you ask? is the place to be.

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