Sunday, January 13, 2013

2013 you are welcomed

2013 has turned out to be a busy and very productive month so far, and we are only 13 days in. Romell with 2 lls has began working on his web site and has set a date for his mixtape release party. So between the those two things, it has been a very busy month. But being busy means that progress is being made and things are starting to fall in place. Last weekend, he spent the weekend working on mixing and mastering the mixtape, this weekend it was the photo shoot to complete the website. starting jan 20th i do believe he web site will be fully functional with music that can be purchased, a live stream to events, and of course a link to this wonderful blog. When it goes live, trust it will be posted on here so that everyone can get the new music and keep up with what is going on and when the next event will be.

This weekend he was working with one of his producers to add a little more pizazz to one of the tracks, last night he had a show and today hes doing a little more mixing and mastering on the mixtape. The show last night was at a new venue here in the city. The Rainbow Cafe is a cool little spot here in louisville that you can  get a white chocolate coffee and cream cheese muffins while playing cards or board games and listening to live music. Last nights selection for live music was Cphr Dvn Romell wit 2 lls and Dj Yared. Naturally everyone rocked the crowd. You can see pictures from the event on Rainbow Cafe's facebook page. I love that the Rainbow Cafe is a family friendly venue and i was able to bring my son to the show. He love to see his daddy "do his music." Last night Jr decided that he had to do his music too and he decided he needed to be the hype man/back up singer to CPHR DVN. He was up there jammin out while they were performing and even helped Sltr sing part of the song. This will be a place that we will be going to again.

January 30th will be the day that we see all of the hard work and busy weekends pay off. That is the night that the Olde Coffee mixtape will be released. Its going to be a  Louisville Arts Live event on January 30 at Diamonds Bar at 630 Barret ave here in Louisville. If youre in the area, you need to be there! Live music and a free copy of the mixtape. Man its about to be so exciting!! 

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