Sunday, November 22, 2015

A reason to be thankful

 Its the Sunday before thanksgiving and I cant think of a better way to start the week than preparing to give back to those that need it. What you see above is not just trash bags full of clothes, rather they are coats that have been donated to Girls2Goddesses and Rmllmzk for the 2nd annual coat drive.

I feel like this year we received so many quality donations and have had more people interested in what we are doing to help those in need. I missed the wash party last year, but one thing that I do know is, this year was outstanding. Seeing the many washers that we had full of coats that were given to us to help those that may not be able to get the coats they need gave me some kind of feeling. These wonderful ladies from Girls2Goddessess and that handsome man of mine made tonight great. We had snacks, laughs, people stopping by to drop off last minute donations and just an overall great energy.
Girls2Goddesses - Rmllw2llz - Kilo Designs

We haven't even begun to hand out the coats yet and I just feel so... grateful, privileged, happy, or better yet humbled that I am able to do so  and am able to do this with such an outstanding group of people.

If you are in need of a gently used winter coat or know someone who is, please go like the Girls2Goddessess and Rmllw2llz facebook page for updates. We will have a set date and location soon. 

To the ladies and gents in the picture, I love yall. Without being the wife of a musician I probably wouldnt have crossed paths with you all. I am grateful to call you my siStars and husband. 

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