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Well its been a minute since ive written here, guess being a wife of a musician and a mom had me a little distracted. Where to begin? Hmmm.... First and foremost, before you continue reading STOP!!! GO TO THE WEBSITE!!! RMLLMZK.COM The site is pretty dope hu? i know... i made it. Who am i kidding, i'm just the wife, i'm no web designer.

I guess the release of Olde Coffee is a great place to start... That dropped back in January at the Louisville Arts Live event, and that was a great start to the year. Ever since then, there has been an event to go to, websites being designed, or shows to perform at. February was mainly spent on getting the website together.. March we celebrated my birthday at a private event at a friends house. That was pretty dope, it was like my own private party. :) Screenshot_2013-07-08-22-15-55 Here i was able to see Common Collective for the first time, they were pretty  dope. Screenshot_2013-07-08-22-15-46

In April, we, (yes i said we) had back to back events in one weekend and a small road trip the next weekend.
One weekend there was a show with High Hat Entertainment  that i got to see Rmllw2llz and Ron Weaves perform Fux Wit Me, (which by the way is a free download on the site) and i got to see Skull Avalanche perform. Screenshot_2013-07-08-22-16-51
Then we went to Frankfort which is only about an hour away. Even though its only about an hour away, if that,  it was the first of many road trips that will be taken on this great journey. There Rmll performed at the Hustle and Flow 8 show.. that was fun Screenshot_2013-07-08-22-17-19
Screenshot_2013-07-08-22-18-05May consisted of a show back at solidarity and then at MaxwellSounds  1 year anniversary event. Here is where i was introduced to Soul River Brown. Now if you haven't heard of Soul River Brown you are so missing out. The guitar and the vocals.. ooohh weee!!
In June we made our way on down the highway again for another show, only this one was 6 hours away in Racine, Wi for the Juneteenth Celebration. Going to Racine is always a good time! Also in June:Picturewas born.. All up in my face, Jealous of my tape will be dropping soon!! A release party is in the making for this!! So if you got your copy of Olde Coffee and are ready for some more, make sure you are checking RMLLMZK on a regular! And if you haven't noticed, we now have Tees and vinyl decals available. Courtesy of BILLYGOAT VINYLS 

I chose to put mine on my car, but really they are great anywhere.  IMG_20130615_095103.jpg Well yall, I think i have caught you up for the year. lol I promise, updates will be more frequent. be on the look out for the new EP with Dr Dundiff, All up in my  face, Jealous of my Tape. Check the website for schedule updates.



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